Public Entities & Municipalities

Spain Agency, Inc. has partnered with the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) in providing insurance for municipalities in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties.

Why NYMIR Makes Sense

  • NYMIR is a not-for-profit program dedicated to servicing the insurance needs of governmental agencies throughout the state of New York. NYMIR is the only program that exists solely for New York municipalities.
  • NYMIR partners with the three municipal associations: Conference of Mayors, Association of Towns, and Association of Counties to seek out and gather information in order to provide a tailored insurance package that focuses on the specific needs of public entities.
  • The Board of Governors is comprised of municipal officials elected by our members to guarantee predictable rates and avoid extreme spikes in premium in any market cycle. The Board’s involvement has assisted in the steady enhancement of services and coverages.
  • NYMIR’s lead reinsurance support for the program is provided by a top-rated (A+++) company in the industry. Refer to NYMIR’s Annual Report for details.
  • Fraudulent and frivolous claims are actively defended. Defense costs do not erode your policy limits and the deductible is not charged for defense fees.
  • NYMIR expediently handles legitimate claims through specialized in-house claims staff located in New York State.
  • Quarterly Newsletters mailed to your municipality focus on up-to-date issues and mandates that directly effect public entities.
  • Coverages are currently equal to the best available and promise to be upgraded as exposures and needs change.
  • NYMIR chose to be an assessable company unlike traditional insurance companies that are required to be part of the NYS Guarantee Fund, which limits claims settled to only one million dollars.


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